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Wednesday, August 10th

2pm | Duration: 1 hour 

Have you ever searched for a business on Google, clicked the first result and hit the "back" button within seconds? How many customers are you losing from bad design?

What you will learn:

How to avoid mistakes that 90% of non-designers make.

I will teach you about some of the most common amateur mistakes I’ve seen repeatedly over my 10+ years of professional web design experience.

How to quantifiably improve your design skills.

Most people can intuitively tell if a website is good or bad, but when asked, have no idea why they feel that way. I will demystify this feeling by teaching you tangible rules and techniques.

How to get people to take you & your business seriously.

Web visitors make split second judgements about a business based solely on how well-designed a website is.

How to make more money & get more clients with your site

Good design pays for itself. How often have you bought an item at the store because it had better packaging? Sexy design lures customers. It’s psychologically proven.

Learn the anatomy of good design


About the Speaker

Jonathan Early is a Brooklyn-based creative director, multimedia instructor, and digital jack-of-all-trades. With over 20 years of experience working with digital media (11 years professionally), 6 years teaching college-level design, and 5 years running a multimedia LLC, Jonathan has developed the ability to lead creative projects with a dynamic and multi-layered approach. Since graduating with honors and top in his class from Cogswell Polytech in Silicon Valley, Jon has produced a diverse array of internationally featured work. His professional creative work includes modeling prominent game characters in Tim Schaffer's critically acclaimed Brütal Legend, having animation work aired on Nickelodeon's Yo Gabba Gabba, creating 3d visual effects for European television commercials, and shooting video footage for Nylon Magazine.

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Tealix Design was amazingly helpful in offering me valuable redesign consultation in optimizing my Kickstarter promo site to look amazing and captivating! Thanks so much!

Jonathan Earley at Tealix demystifies the design process and works with you to create the web presence you want.

We were having a little trouble making our vision for our site come to life. Jonathan was very insightful and advised us on how to best display our brand. He made some solid recommendations for both our visual aesthetics and content. He was very approachable and was able to clearly and quickly translate our ideas for our website. We were very happy with the end results and it was an easy peasy process!

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