5 High-Tech Tools of the Tealix Trade

“Working smart means wringing maximum production from your work schedule. It’s coming up with new ideas to bring that about.” Robert Terson

We here at Team Tealix believe in working smart, not hard. We live by that mantra. Each of us has our own productivity tricks to get the most out of our work day but there are a few tools essential to the whole team. Check the 5 power picks that optimize daily Tealix productivity. Of course we’re rolling with a digital arsenal but this quintet is sure to kick any team into high gear.


Swap 15 minute check-in meetings for this intraoffice communication tool. Chat with your entire team without trudging off to the nearest available conference room. Slack let's you set up separate named channels to keep you from cluttering the main chat with project specific chatter. It also allows one on one chats to keep private conversations out of the team’s view, within reason of course. Slack also gives the option of easily sharing files with your team. Google integration pulls documents, spreadsheets, and other Google Apps suite right into the chat for your whole team to interact with in a single message. Slack offers a desktop application, mobile app, and direct website access so the conversation meets you wherever you are. Who still wants daily check-in meetings with this app around?


This website building platform is a Tealix essential. This fast-growing company constantly improves and expands their products. We love this platform. Their easy-to-use interface makes it simple for anyone to build a website. Our pro designers here at Tealix coax the most stunning designs from the Wix builder. We build our client websites, and even Tealix’s own, with Wix. Have a look around and see the possibilities.


Say you absolutely have to schedule an in-person team meeting. Avoid the endless email volleying inevitable when it comes to calendar coordination. Use Doodle instead. Trust us, Doodle is imperative to scheduling any group event. Select a time and send out an invitation to see how many of your team members can attend. Or give a choice of dates and times to nail down prime scheduling. Available on the web and as a mobile app, once you coordinate your team with Doodle you’ll never go back to the old, inefficient methods.


Team on a hard deadline and planning a working lunch? Skip the hassle of leaving the office and venturing out to find somewhere that offers to-go options. Or searching for a restaurant where you can work while you eat. Seamless brings the food to you. Again both a website and mobile app, Seamless lets you order from a multitude of local restaurants that deliver to your location. Get estimated delivery times and text message notifications so your workflow isn’t completely disrupted by your essential hunt for food.


We’re a combo iPhone and Android team here at Tealix. So we place our trust in a combination of Siri and Google. Set timers for Power Hour work sessions, make appointments, set team deadlines. Both share the same basic functionality so, for the sake of intraoffice harmony, we won’t argue which we think is better. Although the choice is obvious.

So those are the 5 essential tools of the Tealix trade. Without them, we’d be lost. Okay, not lost but at least less productive. What are some of your favorite work-related apps and websites? Let us know in the comments or drop us a line. Don’t hesitate to reach out and say “Hi.”

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