Tealix Has Great Deals For You to Take Advantage Of!

Tealix is offering great deals for you to take advantage of! The latest propositions that Tealix has to offer can help you enhance your web design skills and your website.

Free E-Book

(Available on August 16th, 2016) Free 100-page ebook that will teach you the essentials of having a powerful, affective website. Tealix founder Jonathan Earley boils his 10 years of experience as a designer, teacher, and entrepreneur into these valuable tips to avoid most common mistakes made.

Free 30-minute Consultation & Website Review

In 30 minutes, we will review your website using our 60+ variable website rating system to find out where your site needs the most help. We will also look at examples of world-class sites in your industry and explore how we can compete with them from a web-presence perspective.

4 for 4 4-hour website build for $400. In a 4-hour timespan, we will build a beautiful, impactful, professional-looking website side-by-side. In the beginning of the meeting we will determine our top priorities, schedule our strategy over the 4 hours, and figure out the site outline. During the remaining time, we will figure out the fastest and most efficient way to accomplish building the site within that time.