Tealix Talks 4-Star Web Design Basics

You picture it in your mind. The perfect website to excite your customers and take your business to the next level. You only need to build it.

But where to start?

Planning your website’s design first saves time, energy, headaches, and heartbreak. These 9 categories will guide you through plotting out your 4-Star web design.


What do you want your audience to learn about your brand? Marketing delivers a story. You take customers on a journey that ends with them making a purchase. Get your visitors to ask and answer these questions:

What do I want?

What if I could have what I want?

What’s stopping me from getting it?


Your copy, images, videos, animations, audio, the elements that you use to build your website. They showcase your brand and work together to deliver your chosen story. High-quality, consistent assets are essential to any design.


How visitors move through and experience your site (thus User Experience and Emotional Experience). Your website must be easy to navigate and cause a visual or audible reaction in your audience. Read more about UX and EX here.


Colors serve as the visual representation of your company’s personality. Choose a palette that supports your brand and its story. It’s best to stick with three signature colors. Get tips for picking a color palette here and find out which color pitfalls to watch out for here.


How your text looks. This includes font, spacing, and layout. The key with type is readability. Your user’s eye should glide through the text quickly and easily. Make sure they your type selections don’t deliver your story in the wrong order or make your visitors want to skip it entirely.


Place everything to please the visitor’s eye. Total symmetry isn’t necessary but random placements kill your design. Use a grid system when designing. Think of your website in terms of a newspaper and “Mind the Fold.” Let your users know if there’s more to discover and encourage them to continue scrolling down.


Keywords, keywords, keywords. Search Engine Optimization makes your site easy to discover. Use the right keywords so the people looking for what you offer can find you.


In today’s markets, having a presence on social media is essential as having a website. Let your visitors know where and how they can connect with you on the major social platforms. Don’t worry if you’re not on every single social network. There’s no need to be everywhere.


Triple-check everything. Do all of your links work? Do they redirect to the correct places? Are any images not showing up or cropped incorrectly? Ensure that the elements of your design are exactly where you want them and showing off your brand at its prime.

Once you’ve mastered these 9 categories you’re ready to start courting your future customers. Go forth and conquer with your beautiful website!

Need a bit more help planning your 4-Star web design? Check out some of our other design articles. Or drop us a line. Don’t hesitate to reach out and say, “Hi”.