UX, EX, & CTA: The 3 Major Keys of Web Design Power

Imagine you’re in an elevator with Richard Branson, founder of Virgin Group. He mentions he’s looking for a new investment opportunity. This is your big chance. You’ve got 30 seconds to close the deal. What do you say?

Now imagine you have 3 seconds to make your pitch and you have to do it through a computer screen. Can you still make the hook?

That’s your challenge with each new person who visits your website. 40% of people abandon a site that takes more than 3 seconds to load and 64% of shoppers won’t return to a disappointing website. How do you make sure that loss of potential customers doesn’t happen to you?

You have to attract, retain, and convert your visitors to customers. How do you accomplish all of those steps?

There are 3 Major Keys to keep in mind when you’re designing your website:

  1. UX or User Experience

  2. EX or Emotional Experience

  3. CTA or Call to Action

Major Key Alert: User Experience - Making your site intuitive

The journey you want visitors to take must be clear. It should take 2 seconds or less for your user to decide on their next step. Your user needs to navigate your site with nearly no thought. Carefully plan your user’s journey. Make it clear and instinctual. Make everything easy to find. Feel the need to hide something? Remove it. It needlessly increases loading time if it’s not meant to be seen. Remember you lose 40% of your audience if your site doesn’t load in less than 10 seconds.

Major Key Alert: Emotional Experience - Giving your site the “Wow” factor

Win over your audience by guiding their feelings. Go deeper than making your site easy to navigate. You should aim to cause a visible or audible reaction in your visitors. Enchant them. Integrate design elements that delight but don’t overwhelm. You want a “Wow, that’s amazing” not “Wow, that’s eye-meltingly bad”. Look to the sites that cause an emotional reaction in you if you need inspiration. Don’t limit yourself to competitor sites. Sometimes the best inspiration comes from a completely different field.

Major Key Alert: Call to Action - Getting your users to the Finish Line

Tell your users exactly what you want them to do. Your Call to Action closes the deal so know and show what their final step is. Join the mailing list, donate, buy now. Be concise and give your visitors multiple opportunities to complete it. Your Call to Action must be easy to find, understand, and complete. Don’t be shy. Be specific. Be obvious. Be clear.

Creating your site should feel like drafting an elevator pitch. Achieve your conversion goals in a miniscule amount of time. Use the 3 Major Keys to make sure your website is Intuitive (UX), Stunning (EX), and Actionable (CTA).

Need a bit more help making your site Intuitive, Stunning, and Actionable? Check out our article on making the most of color on your site. Or drop us a line. Don’t hesitate to reach out and say “Hi”.

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