Tealix Talks Color

When it comes to designing anything from a website to a pair of shoes, one of the most important aspects of the process is color. Choosing the right color palette can mean the difference between having a website that has "WOW" factor and one that doesn't stand out at all.

A quick internet search on the subject will present you with hundreds of books, guides, blogs and lectures on the topic of color. In college, designers take classes focused entirely on color theory. Yes, there is actually a science behind color! I'm not sharing this information to overwhelm you, not at all. I just want to share with you why I am personally so passionate about color palettes.

To do this I am sharing 5 of my own personal favorite websites for making the search for the right color palette so much easier.

Because I am obsessed making things easier as much as I am with color, I sorted these websites based off the level of difficulty in using. The first few practically pick the colors out for you and the last two require you to have some working knowledge of color codes. If you happened to be tilting your head as you were reading the last few words of that sentence, do not worry! I will go into those details way down at the end of this blog. You can spend some time learning about color codes or just use the first few sites. It's entirely up to you!

1. Design Seeds - design-seeds.com Run by Jessica, Design Seeds is a website I use for quick inspirations when I need to decide on a color palette. Jessica uses the beauty found in nature to create wonderful palettes. Sort of a modern color journal, the website is constantly updating new color palettes alongside an image of whatever inspired the choices. The palette search lets you search by themes and the selections fit the general easygoing theme of the website. You can search for specific seasons, colors that match food or even the colors of succulents.

2. Coolors - coolors.co

Created by Fabrizio Bianchi, Coolors is a fantastic website that allows you to generate color schemes randomly. Where Design Seeds curates and presents, coolors is more like a librarian bringing you a book of color upon request and it's always a surprise. Perfect for the person who enjoys using random generators, I personally use this site whenever I'm looking to let an easy button choose palettes for me.

3. Stylify Me - stylifyme.com

Created by Annabelle Yoon & Michael, Stylify Me is a wonderfully specialized website that allows you to draw inspiration from other websites you may comes across. Quite simply, you enter the url for whatever website you like and the generator will take a look at whatever site you selected then give you all the color, typeface & random other bits of information for the website. Some websites pump out better results than others so your mileage may vary but I recently tried it with wix.com with great success.

4. Paletton - paletton.com

Created by Petr Stanícek, this website is similar to Coolors in that it will generate a color palette for you. Where it differs is that it has this nifty little drop down window that pops up when you click Randomize where it simply asks you to select one of 4 questions so that it can generate something nice for you. Visually, Paletton is one of my favorites thanks to the wonderful color wheel and color palette that occupy almost the entire page.

5. Rgb.to - rgb.to

Developed by Carlos Cabo, rgb.to happens to be my most used website. It's just so simple for a person to use once you develop a good understanding of color values and the different languages printers, designers and visual displays all use to present them to you. If there is any color value at all for any color that exists you can enter it into the search bar and rgb.to will bring up the color along with the codes for every possible color that has a relationship to your selection. Complementary, triad, tetrad, analogous, accented and split! With some working knowledge of color theory and design a user can get lost on this website trying to find the perfect hue.